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Mosa Pet Spa Resort and Boutique - a highly personal pet care approach

Mosa Pet Spa Resort and Boutique is another Spring Fling regular and we are happy to have them back again this year not only as a vendor but also as a Community Sponsor! We are so grateful for our sponsors!!

Founded in 2008, Mosa is a family operation striving to change the way grooming is done. They know pets thrive with personalized attention and that one size doesn't fit all, including in the grooming world! Mosa maintains high standards of care for all their clients and their pet professionals keep up with continuing education topics and certifications in the pet care and grooming fields. They use a holistic approach to keep pets looking their best and ensure they get the most out of their grooming.

"Our foundation is built upon this principle: Personalized one-on-one care for animals and their families struggling to find exceptional services."

With two locations in Cary, each focusing on a different aspect of care, Mosa offers a range of services. At the Mosa Resort, you'll find daycare, playtime, and boarding, as well as bathing. Mosa Pet Spa and Boutique offers full-service grooming, therapeutic treatments for hair, skin and nails, as well as a shop with treats, toys, and accessories.

You check out their full range of services on their website and keep up with them on Facebook and Instagram.

Stop by and meet them at this year's Spring Fling Dog & Cat Fundraiser and thank them for being a Community Sponsor!!

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