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GoodVets Apex treats dogs, cats, and exotics too!

Another new-to-Spring-Fling vendor this year is GoodVets Apex. Not only will they be there to answer all of your questions, look for them on the Scavenger Hunt too!

"GoodVets is an organization of innovative animal hospitals—co-owned by the local vets who run them. GoodVets hospitals provide comprehensive preventative care, urgent care, surgical services for cats and dogs."

GoodVets Apex opened its doors in June 2023 alongside veterinarian partner, Dr. Stephanie Call, an Apex resident. They are a whole-health-conscious veterinary care center, practicing modern medicine in a beautiful facility. Their services range from primary care to urgent care and though they are not an emergency clinic, they do have the facilities to treat urgent health concerns for their patients during their normal business hours. GoodVets Apex also sees exotic pets like rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, and reptiles too!

You can learn more about GoodVets Apex on their website and follow their social media channels, Facebook and Instagram, to keep up with their activities!

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