Bring Your

Food Truck

Animal Lovers need to eat! 

We bring together hundreds of people to celebrate spring and animals, and have a good time. 

You bring the food!  

Food truck details:

  • Easy, roadside, prime parking right in the middle of the event!

  • Power available

  • Lots of hungry, captive people, that spend several hours at the event (there is not any other convenient food and hundreds of dogs attend, so eating outdoors at the event is ideal)

  • Hundreds of people working vendor booths and rescue volunteers that all need to eat too!  

  • Social Media Promotion

  • A fun community celebration raising awareness for local animals in need

  • Have the chance to be at our Morning Session, Night Session or Both!


Unleashed, the event host, does not charge a fee for food trucks. 

However, anyone selling food &/or beverages on the NC State Fairgrounds property,

must pay the Fairgrounds. 

The Fairgrounds charges as follows:

  • “The standard fee for ALL food and beverage concessions sold at the NC State Fairgrounds is that 25% of gross sales and tax will be paid to the NC State Fair by the event unless direct arrangements with the food concessionaire are made.”

  • You may pay the fee to us and we will pay it to the Fairgrounds, or you may pay them directly.  

  • Payment arrangements will need to be discussed prior to the end of the event.

  • You are to give your POS reports BEFORE leaving Spring Fling 

If you are interested in bringing your food truck, or have any questions, please fill out the following: