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Why be a vendor at Spring Fling?

  • Support a great cause

  • Meet lots of friendly animal lovers

  • Sell products and/or promote your business

  • Have fun!

Who should sign up for vending at Spring Fling?

  • Local businesses with products to sell or services to promote that are in line with Unleashed, the Dog & Cat Store's general philosophies (i.e. positive dog handling, natural products, etc.)

  • Open to all types of local businesses, not just pet-related!  

Any special activities to highlight vendors?

  • Yes! 

    • Vendors are encouraged to give coupons, prizes, certificates, and more for our HUGE doggie Easter Egg Hunt (free!)

    •  Vendors are also invited to be a part of our Raffles by giving an item for the prize baskets (free.)   

    • We also will be having a scavenger hunt this year highlighting vendors for a sponsorship of $100. (The hunt will be a free event for participants at the event with prize incentives.)  

  • Each vendor is featured in a Spring Fling blog post shared on social media.

How much does it cost to be a vendor?

  • $175 for a 10 x 10 space. 

    • Vendors are responsible for bringing own tent, tent weights, table, chairs, and anything else you might need.  

    • Additional space may be added for $150 (if space allows.)

  • Power hookups available for $27.  Please let us know if you need one.

  • Sponsorships are also available: 

    • T-shirt Fundraiser: For $150, we will include you on this year's event T-Shirt and you will receive additional promotion.  T-shirts will be for sale, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the rescues in attendance.  T-shirt sponsorship will be limited and accepted in the order received until it's full.  

    • Scavenger Hunt: For $100, vendors will be featured on our Scavenger Hunt (free for participants with prize incentives)!  

    • Community Sponsor: For $500, get the whole shebang and more! Includes T-Shirt & Scavenger Hunt, plus we will provide you with a Tent, a Table, and 2 chairs! Plus there will be extra Social Media posts, extra stage mentions, extra marketing and more! Limited sponsorships available. 10x10 Vendor space also included.

  • Sponsorship of the Easter Egg Hunt is free and we invite all vendors to give coupons, gift certificates, products, etc. for the Easter Eggs and for the Tote Bags.

What if if rains?

  • Bring a raincoat and a tent!  The event is rain or shine. 

    • A surprising number of people have showed up in past years despite downpours, and still had fun!  

When do I set-up?

  • Set up will be first come, first serve, starting at 8 am, and must be done by 11:45.  Break down does not start until the event ends at 6 pm, and vendors are not allowed to break down early (unless instructed to do so by an Unleashed staff member.) Further instructions will be sent closer to the event. 

  • Koka Booth Amphitheatre is open to the public when there is not a private event, so you may be able to visit the site prior to the event to get an idea of what it looks like (check the Koka Booth website for more details.)  

What are the limitations?

  • We will limit the number of same or competing vendors.  

  • As the host of this event is Unleashed, the Dog & Cat Store, and our customers expect a certain standard from us, we will only accept pet related goods and services that meet our standards and align with our philosophies. 

    • For trainers, boarders, etc. we support positive, non-aversive animal handling.   We recommend harnesses, treat training, clicker training, and do not support shock collars and other punitive training tools.   

    • For dog products, we require no wheat, corn, soy, byproducts, chemical or artificial ingredients.                          This applies to products for sale, as well as giveaways and handouts.  

    • For animal care professionals, we promote holistic and/or integrative care.  

    • Other limitations may apply.

If you're ready to celebrate Spring, support local area animals in need, and hang with Unleashed, the Dog & Cat Store at Koka Booth Amphitheater from 12-6 pm on Saturday, April 27, 2024, then please fill out the application below!  

Submitting this application does not guarantee your participation


Applications will be considered in the order that they are received.  Space is limited, and limitations do apply (see above.)  Once your application has been approved, the vendor coordinator will contact you and email you an invoice.  Once your invoice is paid, we will then promote your business on our website and social media, and send you additional details.  

We are now on a waitlist.  You may apply for the waitlist and we will contact you if space becomes available. 

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