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Polkadog - delicious treats that support a healthy lifestyle for your pet

We couldn't do Spring Fling without all of our amazing Community Sponsors and Polkadog Premium Dog Treats is one of them! Polkadog treats are popular in the Unleashed stores and fit right in as their goal is to make "treats that support a healthy lifestyle for your pet."

"We started Polkadog in 2002 to make treats for our one-eyed rescue dog, Pearl. She was a part of our family, and we wanted her to have the best treats possible. That meant finding the finest ingredients around and adding a little bit of love into every bite. We know you feel the same way about your pets, so we still make every treat like we did back then: for family."

These single and limited ingredient treats are handmade in small batches and packaged in Boston with ingredients sourced responsibly from here in the US. Seafood is wild caught, and the "turf" animals are pasture raised and grass fed from suppliers that are committed to ethical and sustainable practices.

"We package all of our treats at our Boston Fish Pier kitchen. We work with local artists to develop our packaging. We do all this because it’s what we love and what we believe in. We're sending love from our neighborhood to yours!"

From small, soft, and chewy training treats to long and crunchy cod skins, Polkadog has something for everyone! We are sure that your dog will find a healthy treat that is not just good for them, but they beg for more! Which is good, because as Polkadog says:

"You are what you treat!"

Visit Polkadog's booth at Spring Fling and stop in to your local Unleashed to check out their selection of treats.

Check out their website to learn more about them and follow them on their social media channels, Facebook and Instagram, to keep up with all their activities!

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