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Canine Threads!

Canine Threads started with a puppy and an iPhone. They took the love of taking millions of pictures of their own pets and using that same love to help others. Canine threads uses their photography skills to help all dogs in foster and rescue care. Find out more on how they make a huge impact at Spring Fling!

Animal Advocacy During my time fostering dogs, I've learned a LOT about the realities of the shelter dog in North Carolina. It's easy to see the problems, but hard to do something about it. Canine Threads is how I'm using my creative side to connect with and reach people in a new way. The point is to open conversations, encourage new advocates, and help people understand the realities of the system so they too can make a difference.
I'm committed and absolutely here for you and the dogs.

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

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