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Injoya - Inspiring Joy in Animals

Passionate about inspiring joy in animals, Injoya was founded by fellow pet owners who are committed to improving the lives of pets. Injoya houses a selection of snuffle enrichment tools and wellness solutions that support a healthier, happier, and motivated lifestyle for your pets.

Injoya's mission is to design products that will help train pets in a positive way while they play with their specially designed training tools. This is turn will sustain a healthier lifestyle, improve communication and enhance the bond between you and your pets.

With love and innovation, Injoya strives to deliver high-quality pet products while operating with honesty and integrity. Their products are focused total wellness, designed to improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being of pets. Their focus on the future of pet care, their culture of continuous improvement, and researched-back innovation is central to what they do as a brand.

Find Injoya products in your local Unleashed Store!

You can also learn more about them on their website, find them on Facebook @injoyapets, and Instagram @injoya_pets.

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