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STELLA & CHEWY’S - Your pet is the best, so they deserve the best!

We are excited to have a few of our sponsors joining us in person at this year's Spring Fling! Join us in saying THANK YOU to Stella and Chewy's for sponsoring our tote bag and our treat handouts for the rescue groups and vendors! If your pup loves a treat they get from a vendor, it's most likely from Stella & Chewy's!!

Stella & Chewy started when founder, Marie, realized that feeding her dog, Chewy, a raw diet improved his health drastically! Marie wanted to make her love for raw food a movement and this movement led to the creation of Stella & Chewy's. Stella & Chewy's make sure to focus on making raw diets and the nutrition they provide easily accessible for pet owners. They know that adding any amount of raw into a pet’s diet will have a positive impact. Stella & Chewy explains they are “proud to provide a wide line-up of offerings that will encourage and allow all pet parents to introduce raw into their best friend’s diet”. Stella & Chewy’s approach to raw is not only extremely nutritious, but also convenient and easy to incorporate into your pet’s routine.

Learn more about Stella & Chewy’s diet options on their website, Facebook, and Instagram!

And find Stella & Chewy's products in your local Unleashed store!

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