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Winnie Lou - transparent, healthy pet treats

Winnie Lou is another one of our tote bag sponsors this year.

Founded in 2018, Winnie Lou started as a food truck for dogs in Boulder, CO. Founders Ashlin and Dean wanted to make treats that they and other pet parents could trust. All the ingredients were sourced from the Boulder Farmers Market and made in small batches by Ashlin herself!

Winnie Lou is on a mission to take the mystery out of treating your pets by creating and selling transparent, healthy pet treats to pets all over.

They have fun biscuits and freeze dried treats for dogs as well as freeze dried treats for cats. In addition to bags of treats, they have bison marrow bones for dogs who need a long-lasting chew.

You can check out the Winnie Lou products in any of our Unleashed locations, on their website, and make sure to follow their social media, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, for updates!

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