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Vital Essentials - Discover The Butcher Cut Protein Difference

We are happy to announce another one of our amazing Community Sponsors for Spring Fling this year: Vital Essentials! Vital Essentials is a popular brand in the Unleashed stores of premium-quality, raw frozen and freeze-dried pet food and treats. They are committed to providing dogs and cats, "the opportunity to lead long, vibrant, healthy lives; exactly what they deserve." They focus on sourcing and make their products in their own Green Bay, Wisconsin, facility.

"We promise to source whole-animal, butcher cut protein. We’re going to freeze it at the peak of freshness. And then, we’re going to make food that your pet deserves—the quality of a raw diet in the form of treats, toppers, meals, and snacks."

The people behind Vital Essentials have decades of experience in the meat industry. They pride themselves on sourcing the highest quality meats for their products and have a wide range of proteins and products available for both dogs and cats. Their assortment of whole animal protein treats, food, and toppers are great for animals with allergies, picky pets, and everyone in between!

Has your pet ever tried one of their freeze-dried minnows? How about freeze-dried turkey necks, chicken necks, chicken hearts, duck hearts, turkey giblets, tripe bites, and the list goes on!? And that's just the treats!

While Vital Essentials isn't able to join us in person at Spring Fling this year, you will find their products among the raffle and egg hunt prizes! You can also stop into your local Unleashed and check out all of their products!

Visit their website for more information and be sure to follow their social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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