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Steve's Real Food - Good for your pet and the ground they walk on!

Steve's Real Food is one of our tote bag sponsors this year! Unleashed has carried Steve's products for a long time and we love them.

We prioritize the planet at every turn. Our ingredients are sourced from local farms practicing regenerative agriculture and ethical animal treatment. Our packaging is fully recyclable and produced in a solar-powered facility, while our manufacturing plant runs on hydroelectric power. With raw pet food that requires less energy to produce, we’re reducing our environmental impact at every step.

One of the things that makes Steve's unique is that their original food line is appropriate for both dogs AND cats! This makes feeding convenient and easy in multi-species households. They have frozen raw and freeze dried that is appropriate for both species, a bulk prey model diet, as well as treats and a cat-specific line that is a prey model diet in frozen raw and freeze dried.

While Steve's won't be set up at Spring Fling, you can visit your local Unleashed to get more info about their products or visit their website and follow their social media for updates, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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