Pinups for Pitbulls is saving lives in style!

Pinups for Pitbulls Inc. was founded by Deidre ‘Little Darling” Frankling when she decided she needed to do something about all of the healthy, adoptable animals that were being euthanized because of their breed. With a background in both modeling and education in fine arts, Deidre created a calendar featuring pinup girls and their pups to raise awareness about just how adorable and fun this breed can be! PFPB has grown a lot since their first calendar, but their mission has stayed the same all along: to educate others about the plight of the pitbull breed and to “rally against Breed Specific Legislation and Breed Discriminatory Laws.” Pinups for Pitbulls wants to recover the pitbull image because they know that pitbulls have a strong history of being companions, war heros, and family members. This passionate rescue brings a fun, unique take on rescue awareness and we are so excited for them to join us at Spring Fling!

Learn more on their Facebook and Instagram!

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Unleashed's Spring Fling is an annual fundraiser for local animals in need. 


Spring Fling is hosted, organized, & run by your local, independent, pet supply store, Unleashed, the Dog & Cat Store


Support Unleashed by visiting one (or more) of their 9 locations!

Unleashed, the Dog & Cat Store

8 Locations


        2460 Wycliff Rd. 27607


       7414 Creedmoor Rd. 27613


       329 Blake St. 27601


       4325 Glenwood Ave.

       K2- Kiosk 27612


       Please note this is a mall kiosk:         

       selection is limited & hours vary.


        2066 Kildaire Farm Rd. 27518




      4215 University Drive 27707



        1319 Military Cutoff Rd. 28405


  • Front St. & Market St.: Downtown

        2 S. Front St. 28401​ 



        1635 North Howe Street 28461