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APS of Durham combines animal rescue and government animals services, with great results!

The Animal Protection Society of Durham is one unique group! We don’t have another organization quite like them joining us for Spring Fling. What makes them so different? Well they are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that also manages the Durham County Animal Shelter, a wonderful blend of animal rescue and government services. Even though they have the extra aspect of a county shelter, they still rely on donations, both financial and supplies, to provide the best care possible for the animals there. They don’t just work with dogs and cats either, you may find small animals like guinea pigs or hamsters there sometimes too!

“APS relies on donations from caring individuals and corporations to feed, shelter and provide medical attention for the nearly 4,000 stray, surrendered, abandoned, abused and neglected animals we care for each year.”

Here is one of their adoptable cats, a sweet senior named Jodie.

“Oh hi, let me come out and introduce myself. I’m Jodie and I’m 9 years (young) and looking for a new start. Please remember age is just a number~! I have lots of kitten-y ways about me, tho no longer have my kitten shape. (could use a little help with that) 😽 Come meet me, so I can show you how much prettiness I have all over me~!”

You can keep up with APS of Durham on their website, linked above, or on their social media channels, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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