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Meet Part of the Pack Rescue!

Meet a fairly new rescue group, Part of the Pack Rescue! This is their first time joining us for Spring Fling, read on and stop by their tent to find out more about them!

“The mission of Part of the Pack Rescue is to reduce the number of homeless, abused, and abandoned animals and improve their quality of life by providing medical care, placing adoptable pets in our community into forever homes, and educating the public in proper animal care and responsible pet ownership.”

Meet one of their adoptable dogs, Axel.

I know, my photo is adorable, RIGHT? My name is Axel and I am about to WOW you with my awesome skills! I can zoom so fast, but my foster mom says I can't do that in the house. Whatever....tell me you're a boring mom, without telling me you're a boring mom. You may be wondering how I ended up in this situation? My previous mom had me since I was 8 weeks old, but she got really sick last year. She couldn't physically take care of me anymore, so she did what was best for me and found a foster home. I am great for a first time dog owner because I'm great with adults, children, and other dogs. I am always down for a hike or walk around the town. I can definitely show you all these awesome skills and more when you take me home with you! My foster mom had me DNA tested and I'm 33.6% American Pit Bull Terrier, 16.4% American Staffordshire Terrier, 15.2% German Shorthaired Pointer, 11.5% Collie, 8.8% Border Collie, 8.7% German Shepherd Dog, and 5.8% Rottweiler. What does that all mean? I'm SMART and love to learn new things and stay active.

Keep up with them and their adoptable dogs on their Facebook page.

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