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Pet Releaf has a CBD option for every pet!

Pet Releaf is one of our tote bag sponsors this year and we are so happy to have them! As the first brand of CBD that we carried here at Unleashed, we've known Pet Releaf for a long time and have seen their product offerings grow and change over the years.  

The mission of the Pet Releaf brand is to change what healthy means for pets. 

Pet Releaf produces products that help pets live a happy and comfortable life. Their products use full-spectrum CBD from hemp plants grown without herbicides or pesticides, in the US, on family farms. Whether you have a dog or a cat, Pet Releaf has something for your pet (and even for some other types of animals!). CBD can be helpful for many issues, a few common ones include anxiety, pain, and inflammation-centered ailments like allergies. Even if your pet is completely healthy, CBD is a great daily supplement to help keep them that way!  

CBD products from Pet Releaf come in many varieties, making it easy to give your pet the benefits, no matter their size or how easy (or not) they are to medicate. There are oils, capsules, a balm, shampoos and conditioners, and treats of course!  

For more information on Pet Releaf and all their products, you can visit their booth at Spring Fling! And if you can't wait that long, visit their website and follow them on their socials, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok

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