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Huxley & Kent, InClover, and RC Pets will be at Spring Fling with Packer Mellem!

Another one of our awesome Community Sponsors this year is Packer Mellem! This company represents RC Pets, Huxley & Kent, and InClover. 

RC Pets 

RC Pets is a great gear company with all kinds of fun things for your dogs and cats! Their packable rain ponchos are a favorite in the Unleashed stores. You'll also find their treat pouches, reflective bandanas, adorable socks and boots, and seasonal wear like pet sweatshirts in the winter and UV protective tees for pets in the summer. You can keep up with RC Pets on their Facebook and Instagram pages!

Huxley & Kent 

Who has seen the adorable bow ties in Unleashed stores?? Those are by Huxley & Kent! We love that they attach to your pet's collar and that there are sizes for every dog (or cat!). We've also had their "pinwheel" accessories, that look like flowers, and their long ties as well as seasonal winter gear like hats and scarves. We love their Kittybelles cat birthday toys! You can keep up with Huxley & Kent on their Facebook and Instagram pages!


A newer supplement brand for Unleashed, InClover has been a great addition to our line-up! They have solutions for all kinds of health concerns for both dogs and cats. Some of our favorites right now are the allergy support powder and the hip & joint chews and powders. Whether your pet currently has a medical issue, or you want to help prevent one from developing, they have a product for you. The cat support line includes powder supplements for urinary tract health, skin and coat health, dental health, and eye and respiratory system health. Their dog line includes similar options along with digestive support and heart support that works for dogs and cats, in both powder and chewable forms. You can keep up with InClover on their socials, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Stop by the Packer Mellem booth at Spring Fling to learn more about these awesome brands and make sure to check your egg prizes because some will be for these brands that you can pick up at their booth!

P.S. Don't forget to pre-register for the Egg Hunt!

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