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Furry Friend Matchmaker

CrisisDogsNC is a foster-based, 501 (c) (3) non-profit founded in 2016 by journalist and author Judith Texier, whose magazine articles and books have garnered international awards and prompted changes in animal welfare laws. We work collaboratively with shelters, animal rescue and service dog organizations throughout the country which trust the consistency of our good work. Sadly, North Carolina has one of the highest shelter kill rates in the country. The means by which dogs are destroyed is often so brutal that those methods of euthanasia have been banned in most states as inhumane. We go into these kill shelters, backyard breeder facilities and dog dealers and rescue these dogs at risk and find them loving homes where they will thrive. What distinguishes us from other rescues is our focus on the relationship between the rescued dog and their new families. By gaining an understanding of your lifestyle and expectations, as well as the personalities of the dogs we rescue, we can suggest the most compatible match for a lifelong bond.

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