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Welcome our Egg Hunt Sponsor - Open Farm

Unleashed's Spring Fling isn't Spring Fling without the doggy Easter Egg Hunt! And this year that is made possible by Open Farm. This great brand is another favorite in the Unleashed stores. With options for cats and dogs from dry, to canned, to freeze dried and even bone broth and treats, there is an Open Farm product for every pet, no matter how specific their needs may be. With their focus on ethical sourcing, there is an Open Farm product that will please even the pickiest pet parent too! Stop by their booth at Spring Fling to learn about what makes Open Farm different and be sure to say THANK YOU for making the Egg Hunt possible this year!

"When I rescued my first dog, Bella, I set out to find a natural, nutritious pet food that would help her grow happy, healthy and strong – and that aligned with my personal values. But at the time, it seemed every option was full of ingredients that seemed to compromise my animal welfare, sustainability and transparency standards. As an animal lover, not only did I want to provide my pet with the highest quality food, but I also wanted to ensure that it was made ethically, sourced from humane family farms that treated their animals with respect. I was disappointed in the options that were available, so alongside my husband Isaac and brother-in-law Derek, we started to explore what it would take to develop a pet food that met our standards – knowing there were likely many others who were seeking the same.

After years of research and hard work, we started Open Farm. Our goal was to do more than just change what our pet food contained; we wanted to completely rethink the way it was made. For us, that meant not only sourcing the highest quality ingredients, but also supporting farmers who treat their animals right, and providing full transparency to our customers.

It’s out of that vision that Open Farm was born—from the simple idea that pet food can both be good for your pet, and do some good for farm animals and the environment, all at the same time.

-Jacqueline & Issac"

Learn more about Open Farm diet options on their website, Facebook, and Instagram!

And find Open Farm products in your local Unleashed store! 

And stay tuned for pre-registration for the Easter Egg Hunt to open soon!

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