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The acclaimed Steve Hobbs Quartet is joining us for Spring Fling!

We’ve introduced you to so many of our Spring Fling vendors so far, but today we want to focus on something else we’re so excited for: the music! This year we will have live music performed by Steve Hobbs Quartet! Steve Hobbs is a celebrated jazz musician whose love of music started at the age of 7. Hobbs received his Bachelor of Music in Percussion Performance from Berklee College of Music in 1978 and a Master of Music in Jazz Mallet Performance from the University of Miami in 1982. He has toured with multiple bands and groups like the Art Van Damme Quintet, pop group, Janice, and Jumpin’ Johnny. He was even featured on American Bandstand in 1980! He has released multiple albums and compilations, like Steve Hobbs’ “Tribute to Bobby” and Steve Hobbs Quartet Vibes, Straight Up. Having such a celebrated musician at Spring Fling is an incredible addition to the festivities!

Learn more on Steve Hobbs' website and Facebook!

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