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Sydney Price Crafts

A CHARMing jewelry boutique. Better known as Project Martini through Etsy.

Sydney is that crazy cat lady. Her shop was inspired by her cats. No, not all cat jewelry but jewelry inspired by each of the 9 cats that own her. Cookie has the classic line.

Splotchy has her Diva line. Kate Monster is my Broadway cat and specializes in whimsical pieces. Mr. Meowgi is more laid back and brings pieces of her peace. J.J.Stryper is our Rock and Roll kitty. He is also a huge fantasy and science fiction lover. Milo really loves wire wrapping. Yes, he is a big help. Fish (named after Abe Vigoda's character on Barney Miller) is our Pop Culture cat. He is also a huge 1980's fan. Jack is the one eyed cat. Originally he was to be the CFO (Chief Feline Officer.) Soon Sydney discovered he has a flair for blue and green beads. Roxy is Jack's wife. She does the rocks and stone lines. Lately she has picked up nice wood beads. Bonus cat O.C.1 (outdoor cat) has helped inspire natural pieces.

Check out her website Sydney Price Crafts and look through the different CATegories.

Also, check out her Facebook page.

Mr. Meowgi, the philosopher.

Jack, the CFO (Chief Feline Officer). According to Sydney, "he helps with the books because he has a good eye for accounting."

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