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Pet Butler

Michael Kidd is owner of Pet Butler in the Cary, North Carolina area serving southwest Wake County. Since 1988, Pet Butler has been #1 in the #2 business! Pet Butler currently provides dog poop service across hundreds of yards each week in the Cary area. There are several reasons why people sign up for pet waste removal services. They are busy with work, kids and other life events, the weather deters them (it’s too hot or too cold) or the most popular reason: it’s disgusting and some owners do not want to waste time picking up the pet waste in their yard. With Pet Butler's regularly scheduled dog poop clean-up, your yard, pet’s feet and your home will be poop-free. It couldn’t be any easier to sign-up!

For your pet & yard’s protection, a disinfectant spray is used on their tools and shoes between each yard to prevent spreading common diseases such as Heartworm, Parvo and Hookworms.

"Leave the dog poop clean-up to a professional pooper scooper like us."

Check them out on their website and on Facebook !

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