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Paws 4 Peace!

Help us in welcoming Paws 4 Peace USA. They are a full-service training facility, specializing in behavioral challenges, service and therapy dog education, and training. They provide training sessions that are individualized as well as group classes!

After twenty-five years of working with dogs, it is safe to say that dogs are the central focus of my professional and personal life. Having the ability to teach people how to connect and communicate with their canine family is incredibly rewarding for me. As avid animal lovers, my husband and I have shared our home with dogs, cats, parrots, and rabbits and are actively involved in animal fostering and rescue. Welcome to Paws 4 Peace USA.

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They also can help with behavior management and more. Their staff is highly trained and educated on proper training techniques so you can absolutely trust your pet is getting the best training, as well as the best treatment.

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