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Canine Caviar - an alkaline diet for balanced pH

Canine Caviar is another one of our wonderful Community Sponsors this year!

Established in 1996, Canine Caviar makes dog and cat food that is alkaline which helps to balance your pets pH levels. "Our unique, alkaline diet gets more oxygen into the blood, stimulating DNA regeneration, and reducing the risk of allergies, kidney and liver problems, and diabetes." Inspired by issues his dog was having with insect bites, founder Jeff realized that there was a connection between the ingredients in the food and the insect venom. Jeff formulated an all-natural, holistic, and alkaline diet especially for his dog and the allergies disappeared!

Most of the Canine Caviar recipes are limited ingredient, with one protein and one carbohydrate, which makes it easier to find an option that works for pets with allergies.

"Our mission now and when we created Canine Caviar Pet Foods is to craft science-based Alkaline diets that: nourish pets, helping them to live active, healthy & long lives."

Learn more about the Canine Caviar products on their website and follow them on social media: Facebook and Instagram! Find their products in an Unleashed store near you!

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