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Austin & Kat, everyday wellness!

Unleashed is happy to carry Austin & Kat CBD supplements, treats, and toppers in our stores, and we are excited that they will be joining us for Spring Fling!

Austin & Kat got it's start when founder, Kat, began to explore all-natural ways to support her dogs using ingredients she trusted, like those in her own pantry. The homemade hemp biscuits that came out of her kitchen were so effective neighbors started asking her to share... word spread, and Austin & Kat was born!

From humble beginnings at a Saturday farmer’s market in Maine, Kat’s products can now be found in over 1,000 independent pet shops across the US (including Unleashed!)

Every dog in my life had a different need, which is why every Austin and Kat product is named after the pet they’ve helped. No matter what comes next in our journey, our commitment to offering every pet a new approach to wellness, along with honest ingredients, will always remain as steadfast as Austin’s love of belly rubs."

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram !

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