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Austin & Kat - CBD wellness products for dogs and cats

Austin & Kat is another one of our tote bag sponsors who will be joining us at Spring Fling!

Austin & Kat is a holistic supplement producer that has products for all types of pet needs. Their classic formula oils and chews are great for daily support and general wellness. Their botanical blends line uses a range of superfood ingredients to provide extra support for the pets that need them, in addition to CBD. No More Wiggles comes in a chew, oil, and powdered food topper and helps dogs that need to calm down a bit. They also have formulas for hip and joint health as well as a senior health, one specifically for cats, and a general immune support formula called "Mushroom Medley".

"Created for my dogs"
Austin and Kat began almost 10 years ago as a simple journey to improve the healthspan of my own pets. Today, I'm incredibly proud to share my formulas with pets across the country. The best results come from using the best ingredients, and that's why everything is independently sourced, formulated, and made by hand at our Seattle MAKERY.
- Kat Donatello, founder

Stop by their booth at Spring Fling or check out their website to learn more and follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all their news!

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