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Accessories from Bumble and Hound

Bumble and Hound was created when the founders couldn't quite find the perfect accessories for their beloved dog. So they decided to make them! They created leashes, bandanas, and accessories that combine both style and function. They describe their products as “luxury, high quality accessories for dogs, made from a curated collection of fabrics and prints which change seasonally.” Their products are machine washable so it’s easy to take care of them and they are made to last for years to come. They also really care about giving back which is just so amazing! Check out their bandanas and hand rope leashes while they’re at Spring Fling!

More from their website:

"We donate a percent of our sales back to the community to help rescue organizations care for dogs in need. We really love our dogs, and we really love your dogs, too."

Check them out on Instagram and Facebook!

And on their website too:

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