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A Pup Above - Fresh, human-grade dog food

A Pup Above is a newer brand to Unleashed and we are grateful to have them as a community sponsor at this year's Spring Fling!

"We’re dog parents. We go to the park. We pack plenty of doggy bags, and we want to give our pup Lola the very best. When we got Lola, we found it almost impossible to know what was in her food or where it was coming from, and that was frustrating. A Pup Above was created to make it super simple to know what’s in your dog’s bowl. We also believe in making food more sustainable so it’s better for humans, pups, and the planet. Together, we can make sure more humans and pups get to eat the good stuff."

Lola was the whole inspiration for A Pup Above and her parents, Ruth and Javier, worked hard to come up with a food that was good for her AND that she would actually eat. Their human-grade, lightly cooked recipes come in frozen patties and dried "cubies" that serve like a dry food but are far from the usual kibble.

When the frozen formulas thaw, it's hard to tell that they are dog food. They look and smell like something you would cook for dinner at home! The cubies are cooked in the same way as the frozen lightly cooked, sous vide, but then slowly air dried and diced up for convenience. Bone broth is added to all their formulas, it's chock-full of nutrients but sometimes it can be hard to go through a full container before it goes bad, especially for people with a small dog. That's why A Pup Above decided to add it straight to the food. All their food is produced in a USDA inspected, human food facility. This means that all their ingredients are subject to the same standards as the human food that is produced there.

On top of producing great food that dogs love, A Pup Above works to be the best they can for the planet, with 100% recyclable packaging and by using the "ugly" produce that may not be appealing for humans, after all, it still has the same amount of vitamins and nutrients! They also contribute to the White Buffalo Land Trust, and organization involved with promoting regenerative farming.

"Each year, we donate 1% of our revenue to the White Buffalo Land Trust to help fund their flagship farm, which is a living, breathing example of regenerative agriculture and a resource for farmers and ranchers from all over the region. Regenerative farming aims to capture carbon from the atmosphere and to restore the health of our soil and water."

You can get more information on A Pup Above by visiting them at their booth at Spring Fling or on their website! Make sure to follow them on their socials, Facebook and Instagram!

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