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We pawsitively can't wait to have The Boston Terrier Rescue of NC at Spring Fling!

The Boston Terrier Rescue of NC is an all volunteer based rescue based in Greensboro, NC. Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home Boston Terriers who have been surrendered, abandoned, or abused. While the foster homes of The Boston Terrier Rescue of NC are all located in North Carolina, they take in dogs from South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Maryland. The rescue also makes sure to heavily vet and educate potential adopters to ensure that each dog goes to a home that is perfect for them, therefore reducing the return rate of dogs. They have grown to have close bonds with humane societies and shelters so they can ensure the fast identification and relocation of Boston Terriers. They are dedicated to their breed and the wellbeing of dogs and that makes this rescue so inspiring to work with!

Learn more about them on Facebook and on Instagram!

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