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We CARE about having Chatham Animal Rescue and Educate at Spring Fling!

The purpose and goal of Chatham Animal Rescue and Educate (CARE) is “to promote the health and safety of all cats and dogs in Chatham County. CARE strives to teach by example, to be a resource to the community and local government, and to provide foster care for animals until they can be adopted into permanent homes.” Their focus on education is extremely helpful to the community because they don’t just educate those who are looking to adopt. They also work to educate current pet owners because responsible pet ownership keeps animals out of shelters and rescues. They provide all kinds of resources for both current and potential pet parents to learn about the needs of pets. They work closely with the Chatham County Animal Shelter to help pull animals from the shelter and place them in foster homes where they can be adopted. Their work truly saves lives and we are so excited to have them with us at Spring Fling!

To learn more, visit their Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube pages!

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