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Vets to Vets helps Dogs and People!

Vets to Vets is an organization thats helps Veterans get united with a dog and their main goal is improving and saving lives.

By pairing veterans with dogs, they seek to significantly improve a veteran's life by providing companionship and/or help with a mental or physical disability. Also they help save the life of a dog facing euthanasia by adopting the animal from a local animal shelter.

The benefits of companion, therapeutic, and service dogs for veterans suffering from depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and other disabling conditions is well known.

"This type of human/animal bond creates a life-long, loving relationship between two souls, provides therapeutic interventions that can improve the veterans mental and physical health, and promotes a healthier more productive community by increasing independence for men and women veterans with disabling medical and physical conditions."

Make sure to come and see them as they will be there with some Vet's and their pups!

Check out their website here

Also make sure to check out their Facebook and Instagram!

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