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SAFE Haven for Cats is a rescue and so much more!

SAFE Haven For Cats is not only an amazing cat rescue, but it also offers so many important services that benefit cats in need. For the cats in their shelter, the provide them with comfortable enclosures and anything they need to stay happy and healthy until they find a family to adopt them. SAFE Haven For Cats also offers Spay and Neuter Clinics that give the community low-cost and safe spaying and neutering. They also have a pet food pantry that allows pet owners who are struggling financially to feed their cats to come and pick up pet food. This food pantry is run by donations in the community and is a great way to help owners keep their pets and provide for them, regardless of their situation. SAFE Haven also has Feral Cat Services that keep the feral cat population down, along with stray cat services as well. SAFE Haven does so much for not only their shelter cats, but for the entire cat population and community. We are so excited to support them in all that they do!

Learn more about SAFE Haven for Cats on Facebook and Instagram!

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