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Pawsitively Pugs Rescue has us pawsitively ready for Spring Fling!

Pawsitively Pugs Rescue’s mission is to rescue, care for, and re-home pugs who have been abandoned neglected or abused. Every pug they save has a second chance at life and finding the perfect home and family to love them. PPR accepts all pugs, no matter their age, medical conditions, or temperament because they believe every single dog deserves a chance. Each pug that is surrendered to Pawsitively Pugs gets any necessary medical treatments, are spayed or neutered, get microchipped and vaccinated so they are completely ready to start their new lives in a new home. This rescue is entirely operated by volunteers and runs on donations. Since they don’t have any paid staff, 100% of each donation goes to saving pugs!

Check them out on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

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