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Muttley Crew - adorable dog collars handmade in Rocky Mount, NC

Updated: Apr 20

Can your dog ever have too many collars? We don't think so and lucky for everyone who agrees with us, Muttley Crew will be at Spring Fling with their adorable, handmade dog collars!

This small, family company started off as a Rocky Mount, locally owned, dog specialty store in 2018. The desire for unique items, especially collars, leashes, and accessories led to a sewing machine purchase and now that's what Muttley Crew is all about! They closed their storefront in 2021 to focus on making collars. They are able to offer a wide range of patterns now and look forward to adding other dog-themed items.

Make sure to stop by their booth at Spring Fling and see if you find your dog's new favorite collar! Visit their website to see their whole selection. You can keep up with them on their social media channels, Facebook and Instagram and TikTok.

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