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Most Dogs Are Nicer Than Most People

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Merit Pit Bull Foundation (MPBF) will be joining us for our 5th Annual Spring Fling!!

MPBF is a foundation currently assisting Bully-type dogs and their people in North Carolina. MPBF began as a small rescue in 2012. They have grown into a Foundation composed of a large number of volunteers throughout the state. As their volunteers grow in number, they are able to rescue and provide care for more dogs in need. They both pull dogs from county shelters as well as accept owner surrenders. But they don't stop there, they continue to work to educate and spread the good word about Bully-type dogs through community outreach, owner assistance and beyond, both improving the lives of Bully-type dogs and those who love them. So, while your at Spring Fling be sure to pick up some Merit Swag and a 2018 Pinups for Pitbulls calendar featuring Merit's own Angela K. and Mama Gouda! Maybe even check out their application!

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