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Mia's Mafia - cat adoption and TNR to help as many cats as possible!

Our Stonehenge customers should recognize this next group! Mia's Mafia is a regular user of the Cat Shack adoption area there and their cats are always popular. Mia's Mafia has been a regular Spring Fling attendee since they formed, and we are excited to have them back this year.

Mia's Mafia is inspired by Mia- a tiny, grumpy, hospice foster cat, meaning she was diagnosed with many medical issues. The people around her fell in love and wanted to make a difference for cats in need like Mia. The way they decided to do that is through Trap-Neuter-Return (commonly abbreviated as TNR) which is a process to spay and neuter feral cats and return them to the area where they were trapped (as often as possible). Community cats like these often have dedicated caretakers and are very much loved. Just because a cat doesn't want human interaction, doesn't mean they don't deserve to live their life as happy and healthy as possible!

True feral cats are very happy out in their environment. They can always use a little help, in the form of someone to provide regular meals and bring them to a vet for medical care when they need it. Being spayed or neutered is also a huge help for these cats. Intact cats are more likely to get into fights during the breeding season and often sustain injuries or contract FIV. Additionally, feral cats are the main contributors of unwanted kittens that flood shelters and rescues during "kitten season" every year. Unlike their adult counterparts, kittens have a hard time surviving outside with predators, cars, inclement weather, and the people who view them as a nuisance.

While the TNR program is a huge part of the Mia's Mafia mission, they often come across cats who are not actually feral. These cats are usually former pets who were dumped or abandoned and left to fend for themselves. It's easy to spot these guys, even the ones who are too scared to be friendly. Where their true feral friends are well-kept and have good body conditions, pet cats who have been abandoned don't have the skills to survive without human help. They are often dirty and thin since they are not able to hunt well, and they aren't accustomed to caring for themselves outside. As much as possible, Mia's Mafia takes these cats in and puts them up for adoption after taking care of their medical needs. One of their cats who was in that type of situation is Tiramisu! This adorable little lady, pictured here, has stayed in the Cat Shack a couple times and is somehow still looking for her perfect match.

Make sure to stop by the Mia's Mafia booth at Spring Fling and see how you can help! You can check out all of their adoptable cats on their website and make sure to follow their social media channels, Facebook and Instagram, to keep up with their activities and projects!

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