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GSD's in need find their place with German Shepherd Rescue and Adoptions

German Shepherds are a loyal, loving breed and German Shepherd Rescue and Adoptions recognizes that and wants to help as many of them as possible!

“We are a non-profit organization of dedicated volunteers committed to offering essential care and adoption services to neglected, stray or surrendered German Shepherd Dogs. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina and supporting the Carolinas and Virginia, we strive to protect and promote this magnificent breed.”

Most of their dogs are pulled from local shelters, while others are surrendered by owners, but all of them receive attention and committed help from this rescue. They also focus on educating the public about the breed specifically to make sure that anyone interested in adopting a German Shepherd is fully prepared and understanding of the dog’s needs and personality.

Handsome Ray is one of their dogs looking for his fur-ever home!

Big, sweet Ray...but to look at him, he's got the looks of a tough guy. He's currently 95 lbs. of Beef Cake! Ray was an unhealthy weight when he came in to GSRA due to having an undiagnosed underactive thyroid. He received the lab work and veterinary care to be diagnosed and prescribed daily thyroid replacement medication.. That thyroid is easily treated with a pill to replace the thyroid hormone twice daily, and I serve it as a garnish on his kibble. Lab testing to monitor its effectiveness is needed every 6 months, and the medication costs about $20/month. It’s a common condition in shepherds and is easily remedied.

Ray enjoys walks in the neighborhood and investigating with his nose. He is not a fan of small dogs or cats, fortunately, we do not encounter many on our walks, but we'll turn the other direction if they're spotted.

Read more about Ray and their other adoptable dogs on their website or on their Facebook page!

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