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Five Freedoms Photography - fueled by a love of shelter dogs

We are excited to welcome back Five Freedoms Photography! Meet the artist in person at our upcoming Spring Fling Fundraiser. In the meantime, learn a little bit more about what Five Freedoms means, who the artist is, and what she is passionate about right here:

Joanne Wetzel is the Founder and Professional Pet Photographer of Five Freedoms Photography. With a focus on capturing the authentic essence of dogs in their natural state, Joanne excels in creating precious, heirloom artwork that pet parents will cherish for a lifetime.

Five Freedoms Photography is named after the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare, a set of benchmarks for animal care and the gold standard in animal welfare. Animals should be able to live free of hunger and thirst, discomfort, pain, injury and disease, fear and distress, and have the freedom to express normal behaviors. Joanne initially encountered this concept on a simple flyer in the Wake County Animal Shelter's volunteer lounge and Five Freedoms Photography was born!

A love of shelter dogs started this story and Joanne continues to give back to them in several different ways. In addition to a portion of product sales being donated to a rescue each quarter, Five Freedoms Photography hosts a Foster Photo Day for foster dogs in the area who need a photo refresh. This is on top of donating time and effort to photograph dogs in the shelter to help them find their perfect match. A good photo can mean the difference between catching their new family's attention and being endlessly overlooked!

"From the beginning, our aim has been to highlight the more difficult cases, such as Heartworm positive dogs, Senior pups, dogs that need to be the only pet in the home, medical cases, black dogs, disabled pups, and the like."

To learn more, or book a session, check out the Five Freedoms Photography website:

Also, keep up with Five Freedoms Photography on Facebook or Instagram!

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