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Dachshund lovers won't want to miss Doxie by Proxy Rescue!

Doxie by Proxy Rescue is a completely volunteer run, foster based rescue group. They accept dachshunds from shelters and from owners who can no longer care for them. When possible, they do what they can to help owners who are considering the surrender of their pet, in order to keep more dachshunds in loving homes and out of the rescue system. They focus on the North Carolina area and require that adopters travel to the state to complete adoptions, though they do prefer local adoptions so that they can provide support in the future if needed.

“Doxie By Proxy Rescue, Inc. began in January 2019 out of a passion for both rescue and the dachshund breed. The rescuers involved with this organization have over 50 years rescue experience collectively — and work tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dachshunds and dachshund mixes in North Carolina.”

Here is one of their adoptable dachshunds, Cherry.

“Here are some highlights about Cherry -- she LOVES to go on walks (like she would really prefer if you like to go on hikes with her because "adventure" is her middle name). She walks really well on a leash and can be very loving when she feels safe and on her terms. Because Cherry's allergies were left untreated for so long before coming into our rescue, she is extremely sensitive about her back being touched (if you saw the pictures of her condition at that time, you would understand). Cherry wants to be loved and has not always been so sensitive about her back -- so we expect as her condition continues to improve, her sensitivity to her back being touched will improve too. Cherry needs some work on housetraining and will require a home willing to work on those skills as she settles in -- she will potty outside but doesn't exactly know how to tell you that she needs to go but she is more than willing to show you that older dogs can learn new tricks! Because of Cherry's sensitivity to her back area and her tendency to be snappy about it, we are asking that she only go to homes without children. Cherry is fine with other dogs but prefers a quiet home as she is well beyond her years of puppy play. She is great company for someone who might be lonely and seeking a reason to get out and exercise. She will cheer you on as you accomplish all of your exercising goals!”

Check them out on Facebook or Instagram!

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