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Boston Terrier lovers won't want to miss Boston Terrier Rescue of NC!

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

We're so excited the Boston Terrier Rescue of North Carolina will be joining us once again for Spring Fling with their sweet adoptables! Boston Terrier Rescue of NC is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding new adoptive homes for Boston Terriers surrendered by private owners and obtained from shelters, humane societies, and animal welfare organizations.

BTRNC is an all volunteer, 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving North Carolina and assisting in South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Maryland. When Bostons come into their program, they then enter into volunteer foster homes throughout North Carolina, as well as several other states, and live with the foster family and other pets. Although many come from neglect - some needing surgery and more - BTRNC is committed to giving each and every Boston the TLC they need!

Here’s one of their adoptable dogs, Mavis! She is estimated to be around 12 years old, see what her friends have to say about her.

Vintage: Younger than an antique, older than brand new and highly sought after. That's Mavis. Valued for her age and delightful personality, she's a treasure found on the shelves of rescue. Buried behind the youngsters and shiny new things, Mavis is an unexpected find. Mavis is deaf and partially blind. She has anxiety but is being treated with trazadone. She tends to chew her feet so she may have a little environmental or food allergy. Her foster mama is going to try new food to see if that helps. She is described as affectionate, sweet, mellow, couch potato, social, curious, anxious, semi-submissive, and vocal (if left alone). Mavis is crate trained, leash trained, and is learning hand signals. Her new home does need to have a fenced in yard.

Likes: People (including children), dogs, cats, snuggling and sitting in laps, okay with being held and getting belly rubs, going for car rides and walks, sleeping in your bed, burrowing under blankets, eating treats

Dislikes: Being left alone and quick hand movements

Tidbits: Mavis is a sweetheart who wants to spend all her time with her human(s). She'll happily stay wherever you are - sofa, bed or other. So long as she's your sidekick, she's a happy camper. If giving and receiving love is high on your list of pet ownership, Mavis may be your girl.

You can learn more about Mavis, BTRNC, and all their other adoptable dogs on their website, linked above or on their social media channels, Facebook and Instagram.

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