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Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary: saving animals in the Triangle

Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary is a group that should be familiar to our Stonehenge customers, they are one of the rescues who have their adoptable cats stay in the Cat Shack there! They work with both dogs and cats in need in the Triangle and are currently working on the creation of their sanctuary location in Chapel Hill.

“Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit that rescues at-risk animals from shelters or inhumane conditions and works to find them loving homes.
As part of our Beautiful Together mission, we also create programs for children in crisis, connecting the vulnerable and the voiceless in purposeful ways that benefit us all.”

Meet Clifford, one of their adoptable cats!

"My name is Clifford. I am a big, beautiful Russian Blue cat. I am absolutely sure that I have descended from Kings.

I am incredibly interesting in that what I might do really depends on my mood - and possibly the position of the stars in the sky on that particular evening? I don't know. I can make these decisions rather spontaneously. But, for the most part, the snuggly part happens the most when you just sit on the couch and relax. That is when I am most drawn to you. Relaxed, taking-it-easy people are my most favorite kind of people, and I often reward them the most."

For more information on Clifford, Beautiful Together, and all their animals, check out their website or keep up with them on their social media channels, Facebook and Instagram.

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