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Bandana Bone: Adjustable Bandana Fastener

We love to support new businesses and creative ideas and are excited to be Bandana Bone's first market event! Stop by and check out this new innovation, designed locally by a Raleigh Native! Bandana Bone is the most fashionable and practical way to fasten a bandana on your pet!

"I designed this little object when thinking about how I could fasten my dog Bailey's bandanas fashionably without knotting it, much like Boy Scouts' neckerchief slides! It works exactly as intended and I'd like to share it with dog lovers all over the world."

Currently Bandana Bone is getting off the ground by making 3D printed versions and selling on Etsy. They hope to grow large enough to someday have mass production. We think that they are taking a great first step :).

Find out more on their website and follow them for updates on Facebook and Instagram!

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