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Animal rescue takes heart and thankfully HEART Pet Rescue has plenty!

Heart Pet Rescue is a 100% volunteer based organization whose main mission is to help all their animals find permanent homes where they will receive all the love they deserve.

“Welcome to HEART! Heaven and Earth Animal Rescue Team is a nonprofit, all volunteer, limited admission pet rescue organization funded by private donations. We are committed to reducing the number of homeless and unwanted companion animals through education programs, spay and neuter programs, and the responsible re-homing of homeless and unwanted dogs and cats.”

Heart Pet Rescue is a limited intake rescue, which means that they only take as many animals as their foster homes can safely and responsibly care for. They do not euthanize animals for space constraints and their animals will stay with them until they find their perfect match.

Here is one of their adoptable dogs, a senior guy named Wilson!

“Wilson's mom was having some challenges in her life and needed to find Wilson a safe place to live. Relatives reached out and so he found his way to us. He's a great little dog and will do fantastic in a new home!

This little guy gets along with other dogs and is a very busy boy! He enjoys exploring his world and fenced yard. He also enjoys the ladies! He's an older boy, but he's still very active.

Wilson is polite, knows his basic commands (sit, come). He seems to be house broken and eager to please! Wilson would do well in an active home as a walking/hiking partner. He likes the walks he has now, but could use some continued practice walking nicely on a leash!”

Check them out on Twitter and Facebook to learn more!

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