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Zoomies Funny Farm - An up and coming sanctuary

A new group to Spring Fling this year is Zoomies Funny Farm! Established in October of 2023, this new nonprofit organization is aiming to provide long-term care for animals who need a little extra help finding their perfect match, especially dogs and cats.

"Our vision is to establish a distinguished sanctuary—a purpose-built farm and housing facility—dedicated to improving the lives of animals in need. This haven will provide both long-term and short-term residency for up to 20 animals at any given time."

While they are not currently taking in pets, the people behind Zoomies, Amanda and Forrest are active in the rescue community! They volunteer a lot with Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption and one of their favorite dogs there is Milhouse, pictured here. They would love for him to find his perfect match! You can find Milhouse's profile here on the CARA website.

Amanda and Forrest are looking forward to meeting everyone, spreading word about what they are doing, and making some new friends at Spring Fling. Make sure to stop by their booth and say hi and chat about their goals and how you can help!

Keep up with Zoomies Funny Farm and their progress toward building their sanctuary on their website or their socials, Facebook and Instagram.

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