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Singing Dog Farm - a husky rescue in central NC

We have another rescue group that is new to Spring Fling this year: Singing Dog Farm! We can't wait to see if they join in with the live music!

This rescue is a breed specific Siberian Husky Rescue, located in central NC. They adopt dogs to homes in the Carolinas, Virginia, and Tennessee. If for some reason a dog is unable to find a suitable home, they will remain with the rescue, cared for and loved in their foster home, for the rest of their life. Rescue huskies with Singing Dog Farm receive medical care, rehabilitation, and training.

In addition to the adoption program, Singing Dog Farm educates the general public and potential owners about special requirements regarding the adoption and care of this particular breed.

"Siberian Huskies are not for everyone.
​One of the main reasons so many end up in shelters is that people adopt them for their beauty without realizing the large responsibility that comes with owning one."

Love huskies, but adopting one is not in the cards for you right now? Singing Dog Farm is always looking for volunteers of all sorts, including help with events, transport, fundraising, and other jobs. They also need people to help exercise, socialize, and groom dogs too!

You can visit Singing Dog Farm at their booth at Spring Fling and on their website. You can also keep up with their activities on their social media channels, Facebook and Instagram.

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