ZIWI - Your pet will want to Taste Life in New Zealand!

Ziwi is comprised of a small, dedicated team in New Zealand who firmly believe in the important of proper nutrition and care for our pets. Ziwi says their mission is, “to deliver a food that is carefully crafted to mirror the whole-prey meat-rich, diet that dogs & cats require for a long, happy, healthy life.” Their products are handcrafted in small batches and sent around the world. Their meat, seafood, and mussels are sourced from the green, free-range farms and the oceans of New Zealand. They focus on full and balanced diet, while also making sure to create food free of grains, rice, soy, corn, or wheat. They also use no GMOs, antibiotics, or growth promotions. Their commitment to quality sets them apart and we are so glad to have them as a sponsor at Spring Fling.

Check them out on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

photo credit to @kayatheshepherd on Instagram!

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Unleashed's Spring Fling is an annual fundraiser for local animals in need. 


Spring Fling is hosted, organized, & run by your local, independent, pet supply store, Unleashed, the Dog & Cat Store


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