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Welcome our Presenting Sponsor - INSTINCT!

Who knows about Instinct Pet Food?? If you don't, your pet is missing out! Instinct, the Raw Brand, set out to redefine better in pet food through the pure, real nutrition of raw. They have a variety of food for dogs and cats, from dry food and canned food, to frozen and freeze dried raw food. Their lines include a variety of protein options like beef and chicken but also ones for pets with food sensitivities like duck and venison, among others.

Instinct crafts their raw recipes in Lincoln, Nebraska, at company owned facilities, using as many domestic ingredients as possible. Animal protein is the main part of every recipe, not pea or potato protein. Every ingredient serves a purpose and Instinct does not use fillers such as corn, wheat, or soy.

Additionally, the Instinct team strives to make a difference in the lives of as many pets as possible. From their website:

"Everything we do is based in our shared purpose of transforming the lives of pets. It’s why we set out on the journey of changing the pet food industry through raw and it’s why most of us joined the team. Whether it’s through sharing our days with our pets at work or through the 5300 hours of volunteer work we’ve done together in our local community, why we do what we do is the reason we get excited to come to work every day. It’s who we are and it makes the power of what we do that much richer."

Unleashed is proud to partner with Instinct in transforming the lives of the pets and in presenting Spring Fling 2021! Make sure to check out the Instinct website for more information on their full line of products and the company. Don't forget to also visit and follow them on their social media accounts, Facebook, and Instagram!

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Christina DiBlase
Christina DiBlase
08 juli 2021


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