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Wake County Animal Center!

The Wake County Animal Center is an open admission, county shelter that receives all the stray and abandoned pets in Wake County. They also take owner surrendered pets and as an open admission shelter, they have to take any animal that comes through the doors. This means that sometimes they end up with animals other than dogs and cats, like chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, and even birds or reptiles on occasion! They work with fosters, volunteers and rescues to re-home thousands of pets each year.

Open admission shelters, like Wake County, need so much community support. When they have to take in every animal that comes in, there’s always tough decisions hat have to be made because of space limitations. This is where the community can make a huge impact! Rescues can pull animals into their programs, individuals can foster for the shelter or for a partner rescue group, share adoptable animals to help them find homes, donate supplies to help care for the pets there and make their stay more comfortable, or volunteer their time to help pets in the shelter de-stress and get some extra attention.

You can follow them and keep up with their adoptable pets on their Facebook and Instagram!

Click below to see more pets up for adoption!

For more details check out their website.

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