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Charlie Mike

Charlie Mike was created by modern combat veterans who know the realities of war and the realities of returning to civilian life. Their mission is to save the lives of those still carrying the unseen wounds of combat, one veteran at a time. Their vision is to help Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors help one another "Continue the Mission of Life," in whatever form that may be. They believe that by standing together at home, just as they stood together during ware time, they will help each other succeed in getting back to life.

Their THREE PILLARS program - PILLAR 1 is the Battle Buddy Canine Training Program. Dogs often prove to be an effective tool in assisting with emotional needs. It has been demonstrated that emotional support and therapy animals can provide tangible results in creating emotional healing and stability. This can correlate to a reduction in suicides, and create a sense of purpose.

In addition, approximately one million dogs in the United States are euthanized each year. We will evaluate and rescue dogs from animal shelters, train them to be “Battle Buddies,” and place them with veterans. This is a significant component of the Charlie Mike mission. In this effort, we essentially save two lives: rescue a dog, and then, rescue a veteran.

Our Battle Buddy Canine Rescue and training program will be conducted at our facility in Liberty, North Carolina.

To find out more information about these wonderful programs Charlie Mike offers please go to their website Also, follow them on Facebook Twitter and Instagram

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