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TASTE OF THE WILD - The balanced diet that nature intended and the diet your pet will love!

Taste of the Wild pet food specializes in having limited ingredient diets that are “high quality, affordable, grain-free dog and cat foods based on your pet’s natural diet.” When you look into any formula by the brand, you’ll find that the first ingredient listed is always real meat, fish, or fowl. Their ingredient lists are also unique in that they have distinctive proteins like bison, smoked trout, and roasted duck. (Just to name a few.) Taste of the Wild has always been owned and operated by one family who, as pet owners themselves, felt that pet lovers deserved a food that was high in quality, while still being reasonable in price. This made in the USA brand recreates the diet that nature intended for our animals, and the results are a tasty food that is healthy for your pet. Taste of the Wild ensures that their food provides the best nutrition for your pet.

If you want to learn more about this assurance and the brand itself, head to their Facebook and Instagram!

Photo credit: @yetihuskypup

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