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Spirit Canine Rescue

Spirit Canine Rescue is a rescue named after the first dog they saved, Spirit. They rescue and rehabilitate dogs of all breeds and the transformations these dogs make are unbelievable! They were founded out of the work from Friends of Alamance County, NC DOGS, a grass-roots organization aimed at improving the plight of dogs in and around Alamance County, NC; Spirit Canine Rescue truly gives each animal a fresh start.

“Our goal is to create a community where healthy animals are not killed in the shelter, and animals are kept safe, healthy and loved in their homes!”

Through fosters and volunteers, Spirit Canine Rescue saves lives and can help you find your next best friend! One of their current pups is Papa the Model! Here is what the people who love him have to say about Papa.

Check out Spirit Canine Rescue and all their adoptable dogs on their website or on Facebook and Instagram!

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